Mar 16, 2009

Pick of the Week!!

Good day all,

It's time for another Pick of the Week!

Most of you have seen this featured item before, even if you haven't eaten it. It's down at the Greener Grocer, at most major food stores, and in nearly every restaurant. Yet, I doubt many people have actually purchased or cooked this for themselves. The Morgan Freeman of vegetables, if you will. Everyone recognizes it but it never gains any due recognition. So, today's Oh So underrated pick of the week is... KALE.

You might know this as the curly green garnish under the bowls at most catering events and/or barbeque's, but it is so much more. Kale, or Borecole, is a form of cabbage from the species Brassica Oleracea,  cousin to collards and the brussel sprout. There are a number of different varieties of Kale. The most distinguishable differences amongst them are the shapes and colors of the leaves. Kale may be anywhere from white to lavender to green, curly, short, long, or flat. All of them are edible, but the Kale we're featuring is of the curly, green variety, such as the Lacinato Kale.

These Kale, in all their green glory, are packed full of nutrients and vitamins. Kale, like other green vegetables, are abundant in vitamins, A,K, & C, lutein, zeaxanthin, and beta carotene, amongst others. What's more, the ratio of nutrients per calorie is better than almost any food around. It's also thought to be a significant part of diets in preventing or maintaining cancers, as well as detoxing ones body.

Lucky for us, Kale is available all year round, mostly harvested right here in North America and in the majority of Europe. It's ability to survive our various seasons and ,at times harsh weather, makes it one of the hardiest plants there are. However, most believe that it's best to pick Kale, now,  from the middle of winter through the beginning of spring, which is when it is at it's sweetest.

When it comes to cooking Kale, sauteing is a pretty popular method.  You should know, there is a different Kale recipe for every country where this product is sold including  soups , salads, entrees, and sides. So, if you want something a little more adventurous or challenging, there are recipes galore on the internet, all you've gotta do is look. I've posted a link to a site with 40+ recipes for Kale. All you've gotta do is click on the title "Pick of the Week!" If you aren't able to find something there, then perhaps you just don't like Morgan Freeman all that much, but I believe if you looked, most could find away to appreciate, maybe even learn to love, this undeservingly underrated pick of the week. 

p.s. if you aren't able to use the link, simply go to and search for Kale. 

Until next time, :)


Erin said...

The Greener Grocer has the best kale! I just discovered it recently and love it. :)

Trish said...

Kale is so delicious and I love it because it lasts a long time. I may have to make this tonight...yum.